VALE – Eddie Prince

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Eddie Prince’s funeral will be held at St Mark’s Church in Warwick on Tuesday, March 29 commencing at 11 a.m. The Past Students have been given 5 minutes to speak at the funeral and I believe that John Deshon will do the honours.

Helen Moloney, Hon Secretary


With regret I advise of the passing of Eddie Prince, former Headmaster of Slade School and Honorary Life Member of the SCPSA, who did not go to church this morning and when his home was checked, he was found on the floor of his home.

This advice was provided to me from Rt Rev Bevan Meredith who was contacted and he then advised me

Obviously arrangements for his final ceremony are not available at this stage.

I have attached his brief history from his entry in Honorary Life Members


Eddie Prince was a Major with the British Army in Burma during World War II when he met Rev Peter Mayhew who was an army chaplain there. Several years later, Peter Mayhew became Headmaster of Slade, and when there was a need for staff at the school remembered Eddie Prince, with whom he had kept in regular contact. So in 1956 Eddie became a teaching master, a position he then held for some 17 years until 1973, when he in turn was appointed headmaster of the School. He remained as Headmaster until he retired in 1990, and so he became the longest serving master and headmaster, having been at the School for some 34 years. In his retirement, he has continued to live at Warwick not far from his school, and during that time has written several books including “Sir” and “Yes Sir,” the second one of which has become a history of his time at Slade. He has an exceptional ability for art, and his penned sketches and paintings of buildings throughout South Eastern Queensland are recognised for their attention to detail.


J S (Steve) Rowan