Oh, Joyful Light, for in thy brightness only,
In trust we seek, and seeking find a way.
Strength of the tempted, Brother of the lonely,
From out the darkness bringest Thou the day.
So having Thee, we lose not one another,
Sundered, united, dying but to birth,
All worlds are one, with Thee our Lord and Brother,
But one our family in heaven and earth.

So shine on us, our little love reproving,
That souls of men may kindle at the flame,
The whole world’s hatred broken by Thy loving,
Shall bow to love Thy everlasting Name.
Therefore to Thee be praises and thanksgivings
To Father, Son, and Comforter divine,
We lift our voice, and sing with all things living
Oh Light of Life, The Glory that is Thine.