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John Allen(1954-59) passed away on December 17, 2011 after suffering a heart attack. He was suffering from bone cancer which was being treated via a stem cell procedure but unfortunately it was his heart that caused his death.

Kevin Anderson (1947-49) No. 632 on the school roll.  Peter Moore advises that Kevin passed away on 19 July and his final ceremony was on 26 July, 2011.

Paul Baxter (1962—67) Advice has been received that Paul passed away on 11th August in Gympie Hospital. Paul who would have been 54 on September 23 was Association President in 1980 and 1981. Paul’s brother Andrew also attended Slade and his sister Jacqueline attended St. Catharine’s. Sadly Andrew was killed in a shooting accident in 1988.

Garnet Budge (1942-45)  No 444 on the School Roll, passed away on January 10, 2012 at St Vincent’s Hospital, Kangaroo Point after an extended fight against the big C.  Garnet was one of our first Life Members being No 4 on that roll and served as President of the Association from 2004 to 2006.

Matthew Hale Campbell (Slade 1934-36) passed away on the 5th November,2008 after a long illness.  His funeral was held on the 13th November at the Anglican Church of the Resurrection at Bridgeman Downs.  Matthew lived for many years at Albany Creek and was very active in charity work particularly Apex and Lions and was Patron of the Aspley Art Group and the Girl Guides.  Though not a member of Rotary, he was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Club of Albany Creek, their highest community service award.

John Dugald Clapperton (1953—56). The last issue of Kinawah mailed out of to John was returned with the information that he had passed away. John’s brother George Charles (1953—54) also attended Slade. Later on George’s two sons George Alexander (1982—83) and Charles Thomas (1983—84) attended Slade. Charles was School captain in 1984.

Geoffrey Ian Cooke (1961-64) passed away on December 27, 2011 after a long battle with Cancer. His funeral was held on Wednesday, 4th January at Burstow’s Chapel in Toowoomba.

Ron Donovan (1946 – 48). Ron was one of the many Donovan’s who attended both Slade and St. Catharine’s in the 1940s and 1950s.. Those of us who attended Slade in the first half of 1950 will especially remember Ron from his attendances at reunion weekends.

Ian Somerville Fairbairn (1928-35) our oldest old boy, No. 56 on the School Roll, passed away in Maroochydore at age 92 where he was in a nursing home for many years after the passing of his late wife, Mary. His final ceremony was held at the Buderim Cemetery Chapel on Thursday, 11 August, 2011.

Peter Geaney (1942—43) passed away on 7 August 2002 from the effects of cancer. Peter and brother Bruce came to Slade from Churchie during the war. They were the sons of a doctor. Bruce followed his father. Peter enrolled in medicine but eventually graduated as a Pharmacist. Reports are that Peter did Junior at Slade and eventually finished his Senior at Churchie

Neil Milne Gow (Slade 1942), Life Member of the SCPSA, CMG Businessman, sportsman Born: Brisbane, August 24, 1926. Died: Brisbane, January 6, 2009. He was a well-known manufacturer who played rugby union for Queensland and, according to his contemporaries, never dropped a catch in GPS cricket. He is survived by his wife, Jocelyn.  Neil was one of those students who attended Slade as a safety measure when parents feared an imminent invasion by the Japanese during WWII.

James Noel Greenway(1958-59) No 1448 on the roll and a Vietnam Veteran, passed away on September 9, 2011 of liver cancer.  He is survived by his wife, Patricia, and his son Alexander.

Howard Richard Hancock (1942 -44) No 389 on the School Roll passed away on December 26, 2011 with his final ceremony being held at Tweed Heads.

Hugh Hourn (1955-56) Life Member SCPSA and younger brother of past student and SCPSA member, Trevor Hourn, passed away suddenly on the 18th February, 2008 in Yeppoon.  Trevor and his wife, Ruth, lived in Moura over recent years.

Jeremiah Huddleston (1990 – 91). Jeremiah came to Slade from the Ngukurr Community near Katherine in the Northern Territory.

William Henry Jackson (Bill)(1946-48) passed away 12 June, 2008. Bill grew up at “Rockvale” near Injune in Queensland. In 1955, he married Elsie(Quinlivan) a St. Cath’s girl. They had three children, Colin, Sue and Greg who also attended Slade and St Cath’s from 1970 to 1976.

Frank Keenan (1928 – 34) passed away on 11 May 2002 following a long bout of ill health. Frank passed away two days after his beloved wife. Their double funeral was held in Toowoomba. Thanks to Frank, a part of Slade’s history will remain as he presented his 1930’s Colour Blazer to the Association as well as a number of photos (with names) taken in the early 1930’s

Alex Kidd (1942-45) No. 396 on the School Roll. Alex passed away at the Greenslopes Hospital and his final ceremony was held on Friday, 20 May at the Mt Thompson Crematorium, Mt Gravatt. Alex was a past President of the Association and made a significant contribution to it over many years

Murray Law (No 70 on the Roll, and who attended Slade in 1928) passed away at Deception Bay on August 15, 2002. Murray was given a family funeral at Deception Bay.

Brian Loughnan (Slade 1942) passed away on the 25th October 2008 after retiring to the Sunshine Coast in 1988.  His younger brothers, “Joe” and “Barry” also attended Slade, Joe in the same year as Brian while Barry, attended from 1945 to 1947.  Joseph passed away on the 9th May 2001 and is survived by his wife, Ann. Barry passed away in May last year.  All brothers succumbed to cancer as did their only sister, Judy, who passed away several years ago.

David Barrie Loughnan (Barrie) ( 1945-47) passed away 21 May, 2008. Barrie grew up at “Chrystalbrook” near, Mitchell in Queensland and was a successful cattleman. He married Judy and together they raised four children. At the time of Barrie’s passing, there were 12 grandchildren.

Royce Alfred McCowan “Dick” (1945-53) passed away on the 22nd January, 2009 after a long battle with cancer.  The funeral was held at the Jensen Uniting Church, Deeragun on the 29th January 2009. His elder brother, the late Kelvin McCowen, also attended the school from 1945 to 1949 and passed away in June 1998 aged 66. Royce was School Captain in 1953 and married Dallas Porter (St Catharine’s 1946-52).

Donald Ross McDougall (1954-57) No. 1090 on the Slade School Roll  passed away from a brain tumour on Friday, 11th February. His funeral was held in Beaudesert the following Friday. Ross, aged 67, was one of a big family of brothers who attended Slade from Veresdale outside Beaudesert.

Stewart Meiklejohn(Slade 1950s) passed away in the Greenslopes Private Hospital on Monday 28th March. He had not been well for some time.

Philip Page (1949—54) passed away on 7 August 2002 following an illness where he underwent two operations for the removal of tumors. Philip attended Slade with his two brothers Brian (1949—54) and Alan (1949). Those of us at Slade in Monty Marshall’s time would remember his Ford Prefect car. Philip obtained that car and was one of his prized possession for many years.

Edward (Eddie) Prince (Headmaster 1974-91) Twelve past students attended Eddie’s funeral at St Mark’s Church, Warwick on Tuesday 29th March. John Deshon spoke on behalf of the Past Students. A Returned Serviceman’s Funeral service was also conducted

Geoff Riley (1944-48)  A notice from Lismore’s local paper, Northern Star, reported the passing of another Slade Old Boy, Geoff Riley on 22 March, 2011 at his home in Ballina. The notice said he died peacefully with his family by his side.

Miles Fitzherbert Savill (1943 – 47 )No. 474 on the roll. The final ceremony for Miles was held at the chapel of Gregson and Weight Funeral Directors at Nambour, on September 10, 2011.

Jon Philip Stephenson (first in 1937 and then 1944- 48) No 245 on the roll, passed away on 24th May, 2011 and was buried on 27th at the Woongarra Crematorium Chapel. Jon was the son of RM Stephenson, one of the original benefactors of Slade. At the time of leaving in 1948 he was Dux of the School and School Captain.  Jon was one of seven brothers all of whom were to attend the school the eldest, Alan being No 6 on the roll and who was present when the school first opened in 1926. Jon Stephenson, the well-known Townsville explorer and geologist, was an adventurer with a thirst for life whose spirit still shone long after he was risking his life in Antarctica.

Brian Alexander (Slim) Sullivan (1951-56) No 891 on the roll

Douglas Standley Thurecht (1941-49) No. 349 on the School Roll passed away on December 18, 2011. His final ceremony was held at Nerang on the Gold Coast near where he had retired at Hope Island.

Geoffrey Cullen Graham Wilson (Slade 1940-43), Life Member of the SCPSA passed away on the 4th November after a long battle with cancer. Geoff was born the year Slade opened and is remembered by many Slade boys from the forties and fifties for his achievement as a navigator in a Canberra Bomber while in the RAAF which was the first to fly from England to Australia in 24 hours.

Peter Wilson (1951 – 59) passed away on 6 June 2002 with prostrate cancer. Peter attended Reunion 2001 and enjoyed meeting up with old mates as well as spending time with his wife’s daughter Debbie Giffard who just happens to be Michael Harding’s assistant at the Slade Campus.

Herb Zeller (1956-59) aged 68, passed away peacefully after losing his battle with cancer, at the Wesley Hospital on February, 8th.

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