2022 Breakfast Creek Reunion Report and Photo’s

October 14, 2021 0 By admin

A wonderful roll up was enjoyed by the crowd who attended SCPSA’s annual lunch, held this year November 5.

Vietnam Vet, Terry Keys (Slade 1958-60) from Quindanning in Western Australia, had RSL business on the east coast and took the opportunity to join us for the occasion while he was here. So far as we know, he is the person who takes the gong for travelling furthest.

Jenny Aiken (St Catharine’s 1962-66) made the trip from Frankston South in Victoria and was joined by a small number of her classmates.

Sydneysider, Dale Weller (1971-74) was one of the 20 odd strong 1970s contingent answering Stuart Hazell’s roll call for the class of 1972. This bunch was celebrating 50 years since graduating – just goes to show what can be brought together with a little bit of initiative and planning. Page 5 of the November December Kinawah featured this group who plainly made the most of the opportunity to get together, catch up and remember old times.

Lesley Knezevic (Noon 1969-77) from Cairns joined her brothers Charles (1963-72), Richard (1960-68) and Peter (1960-65). The large Noon family came to us from Mitchell where Peter still lives but are now scattered to all corners of the state. As has been reported in Kinawah, we have sadly lost a few of them but all four made the most of this opportunity to get together on the day.

Unfortunately, several who had previously indicated that they planned to join us were unable to do so. Illness was the main reason for this which is forgivable given the current Covid climate.

We often reflect on how those long-ago boarding school days and years shaped us and the friendships that were forged in the process. In so many ways, living together in close quarters grew a strong sense of family and, as in any family, there were those we got on well with and some with whom we had less in common. One of the huge pluses for most of us was the chance to rub shoulders with school fellows from other countries and cultures and learn to appreciate the many different, special and individual qualities they brought to our school communities.

As always, we reflect that although many years have gone by since we walked out of the school gates for the last time, when we come together for occasions like this, it is as though no time has passed at all and that common bond continues to grow stronger and appreciate in value.