History of Slade

Slade House Circa 1918

Slade House 1933

Slade House 1918

Built by the East Family and sold to the Warwick Parish around 1926.  The East Family were related to a family called Lucas  whose daughter Val attended what was then the Church of England Girl’s School in Warwick.
Slade House 1933
This photo was given to Ted Ross by the late Frank Keenan who attended Slade in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Apparently the photo was taken from on top of the classroom block.

This photo was included in the February – March 2000 Kinawah.

Frank wrote that at the time the photo was taken the cadet unit was formed up in front of Slade House  under the care of Lt. Daintree (a master at that time) in front and AIC W/O Garlick (on right of picture).  It’s thought that Garlick was regular army. The NCO’s were Quarter Master Sgt Barry Rowland, Platoon Sgt F Keenan, Corporal Ian Fairbairn and L/Corporal Ted Oerton.