Slade Campus Past Students Association

The Slade Campus Past Students Association (SCPSA) aims to represent its members to provide an environment for past students to meet and collaborate in events to:

  • establish good fellowship among members of the association
  • promote and advance the interests of the Campus
  • be custodian of the history of the two schools
  • promote care, companionship and support for members
  • raise funds for the benefit of the campus

A brief history of the Anglican Boarding Schools of Warwick, Queensland, Australia

The boys’ school, Slade and its sister school, St Catharine’s started as independent Anglican Schools in the early 1900’s.

Slade School had a long association with the Bush Brothers while St Catharine’s CEGS was run by the Sisters of the Sacred Advent.

1972    With the withdrawal of the Sisters from St Catharine’s the two schools merged classes.   The girls continued to be boarded for some time at the old St Catharine’s campus while the boy’s dormitories and the combined classrooms were on the hill overlooking Warwick.
1977    The two Anglican schools became one co-educational school known as Slade School.
1977    Slade School closed.
2000  The Slade campus became part of the Anglican Church Grammer School (“Churchie”).
2007   The site was purchased by the Southern Downs Regional Council based in Warwick.
2012   The Slade Campus was purchased by the Christian Community Ministries Ltd.
2013    Warwick Christian College commenced classes.

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