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Ken Marden Walk

Around the school are various sign posts that can be read in conjunction with the text in the Ken Marden walk. If you wish to visit the school, print out the walk to give you more insight into the school building and grounds. It starts t the Museum in the Science Block. KEN MARDON HISTORICAL…

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Campus Business Plan

The following was sent to the council in February 2010 regarding their proposals for the land The Northern Block The Southern Downs Regional Council to retain ownership of the oval but sell off surplus land for housing. Rationale: To provide the need for Glennie Heights to have a recreational / cultural precinct in the future…

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History of Slade House

 Slade House 1918 Built by the East Family and sold to the Warwick Parish around 1926.  The East Family were related to a family called Lucas  whose daughter Val attended what was then the Church of England Girl’s School in Warwick. Slade House 1933 This photo was given to Ted Ross by the late Frank…

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