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Jeremiah Huddleston (1990 – 91). Jeremiah came to Slade from the Ngukurr Community near Katherine in the Northern Territory.
Ron Donovan (1946 – 48). Ron was one of the many Donovan’s who attended both Slade and St. Catharine’s in the 1940s and 1950s.. Those of us who attended Slade in the first half of 1950 will especially remember Ron from his attendances at reunion weekends.
Una Charles (nee Smith) a past student of CEGS Warwick and a Life member of the St. Catharine’s Old Girl’s Association passed away on 9 October, 2000.
Peter Wilson (1951 – 59) passed away on 6 June 2002 with prostrate cancer. Peter attended Reunion 2001 and enjoyed meeting up with old mates as well as spending time with his wife’s daughter Debbie Giffard who just happens to be Michael Harding’s assistant at the Slade Campus.
Frank Keenan (1928 – 34) passed away on 11 May 2002 following a long bout of ill health. Frank passed away two days after his beloved wife. Their double funeral was held in Toowoomba. Thanks to Frank, a part of Slade’s history will remain as he presented his 1930’s Colour Blazer to the Association as well as a number of photos (with names) taken in the early 1930’s
Leone Charles wife of Bishop Adrian Charles passed away on Sunday 2 June 2002. Leone had been ill for some time and appeared to be on the mend and was allowed home from hospital on the previous Friday which was a great joy to them both. Even though Adrian had been through a sad time himself, he still found time, with Steve Rowan, to visit Ken Mardon in Warwick hospital prior to his death. Bishop Adrian and Archbishop Bevan Meredith officiated at Ken’s funeral.
John Dugald Clapperton (1953—56). The last issue of Kinawah mailed out of to John was returned with the information that he had passed away. John’s brother George Charles (1953—54) also attended Slade. Later on George’s two sons George Alexander (1982—83) and Charles Thomas (1983—84) attended Slade. Charles was School captain in 1984.
Eileen Thompson (Nee Ferris) who attended St. Catharine’s Stanthorpe passed away 31 October 1998. This information came to hand as a result of the last issue of Kinawah being returned.
Peter Geaney (1942—43) passed away on 7 August 2002 from the effects of cancer. Peter and brother Bruce came to Slade from Churchie during the war. They were the sons of a doctor. Bruce followed his father. Peter enrolled in medicine but eventually graduated as a Pharmacist. Reports are that Peter did Junior at Slade and eventually finished his Senior at Churchie
Philip Page (1949—54) passed away on 7 August 2002 following an illness where he underwent two operations for the removal of tumors. Philip attended Slade with his two brothers Brian (1949—54) and Alan (1949). Those of us at Slade in Monty Marshall’s time would remember his Ford Prefect car. Philip obtained that car and was one of his prized possession for many years.
Paul Baxter (1962—67) Advice has been received that Paul passed away on 11th August in Gympie Hospital. Paul who would have been 54 on September 23 was Association President in 1980 and 1981. Paul’s brother Andrew also attended Slade and his sister Jacqueline attended St. Catharine’s. Sadly Andrew was killed in a shooting accident in 1988.
Murray Law (No 70 on the Roll  and who attended Slade in 1928) passed away at Deception Bay on August 15, 2002. Murray was given a family funeral at Deception Bay.