Noteables at School

January 11, 2011 0 By admin

Dear Helen,
Whilst I’m still thinking of matters relating to Slade School, may I suggest
that, in lieu of a “rogues’ gallery” of so-called “noteables” who went
through Slade, would it be possible to list out all people who went to Slade
and state where they are now and what they have/had achieved in life.
For instance, the list of “noteables” did not include Tom Cree (who went on
from Slade to Cambridge and rowed for Britain (from memory, in the 1936
Olympics). I met Tom in later life when he was a director at MIM Holdings,
in its halcyon days. Likewise, John Davies, who went down on the Voyager
(Mick Brownless was a lower-deck man and survived: Davies – a school
captain, no less – was a Sub-Lt on the bridge and went down with the ship).
What about Harry (“Radar”) Howes, also at MIM. Bill Kilgour was another.
Bill was at the school during the War and was a partner of an accounting
firm then called Peat Marwick. (My lasting memory of him was driving behind
his car, probably in the late 1960s, with his vehicle proudly displaying a
Slade crest on its number-plate.)
But there are so many past students (like Alan Carter and David O’Connell,
who were the subject of my last email) who were just good people: I would
mind knowing what has become of them, and, if they are still alive, having
their contact details. There will be many who won’t reply to any
correspondence: some (and I have to say that I fully understand their
reasons) simply want to forget about their school days: some quietly went on
and achieved (as they did at school – Peter Curtis, Michael Dark and the 3
Breden boys come immediately to mind), whilst some never achieved from their
schooldays on! Some became crooks or bankrupts, or always were
Take it easy,
Neville MacPherson