This is the site of the past students of the now closed Slade and St Catharine’s schools of Warwick, Queensland, Australia.  The last students graduated in 1997 hence the association primarily comprises past students who were at the school prior to this time.   Membership is also available to past students of the Warwick Christian Collage who now occupy the Slade Campus.  The aims of the association are to;

  • establish good fellowship among members of the association.
  • promote and advance the interests of the Campus.
  • be custodian of the history of the two schools.
  • promote care, companionship and support for members.
  • raise funds for the benefit of the campus.


To contact the association please enter a comment at the bottom of this blog page and we will get back to you.


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Membership is open to any past student or friend of the school.   To become a member please complete the Membership Application 2020-2025 and forward to the association.

What Does My Membership Provide ?

¨ Receipt of the SCPSA Newsletter “Kinawah” (published quarterly) either by post or email.
¨ Notification of all SCPSA Social Events/Meetings occurring in your area.
¨ Discounted Fees when attending SCPSA Reunions/Functions/Events.
¨ Networking/Contact Information.
¨ Opportunities to Contribute to the Community.
¨ Pastoral Care Service (Looking After Our Own).
¨ Fellowship & Family Fun.
¨ On-going Connection & Interaction with Slade Campus & St Catharines which includes
access to our Museum & Archives & Preservation of our History & Values.